Customised Dove Table and the Storyteller’s Chair feature in Jacky Winter’s Tandem Projects


NOMI’s Custom White-washed Dove Table designed by Tomek Archer in the kitchen/dining area of the Jacky Winter Garden’s. Photographed by Tatanja Ross.

Jacky Winter Group is a dynamic creative agency, with a unique and holistic approach to original commercial imagery. Curating and matching local artists, illustrators, photographers and animators with prestige commercial clients globally from their extensive creative community, they also focus on nurturing and developing the careers of their artisans. Jacky Winter Group recently embarked on the tandem projects of redesigning their headquarters and designing their luxurious creative retreat and private guesthouse, Jacky Winter Gardens.

Requiring adaptability and versatility for both unique spaces, NOMI’s products were a natural choice for creating functional and inspired furniture, that is flexible to the ever-changing environment within the two projects.


NOMI’s Storyteller’s Chair in a customised Dulux Alexis Blue in the Jack Winter headquarters. Photographed by Tatjana Ross.

Jacky Winter Gardens, set in tranquil bushland 45 minutes from Melbourne, serves not only as a blank canvas exhibition space for artists but as private guest accommodation. The need for custom furniture solutions that could be adaptable but also cohesive to the natural surroundings of the space was imperative to the success of the space. Our customised Dove Table, with its refined simplicity, works seamlessly within the open space of Jacky Winter Gardens.

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The Headquarters, a tri-level office space, required responsive furniture that could work within any of the multi-use levels, from the public gallery space to the production and meeting rooms. Our cleverly designed Storyteller’s folding chair is authentic, comfortable and functional, crafted from solid oak timber and customised in Alexis Blue using NOMI’s Dulux custom colour picker (2,500+ options available).

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We were fortunate to get some incredible insight into the inspiration behind the success of this highly creative business and these two projects, by speaking with Jacky Winters Group Director, Jeremy Wortsman.


The Jacky Winter Garden’s in all its glory – the perfect escape. Photographed by Sean Fennesey.

Tell us about your practice/project. (Where are you based, how long have you been in this position, and what do you work on?)

The Jacky Winter Group is a creative representation and production agency with offices in Melbourne and New York City. Our artists complete thousands of commissions a year for some of the world’s leading brands and businesses, and we just celebrated our ten year anniversary! In addition to our core services, we also operate a whole variety of other special projects, including our bricks-and- mortar gallery, Lamington Drive, our podcast, Jacky Winter Gives You The Business, and our luxury guesthouse and artist residency in the Dandenong Ranges, Jacky Winter Gardens, among others.

As the founder and managing director, I pretty much work across every aspect of the business, from the big picture company growth plans, to the small stuff like sorting out our IT infrastructure. No two days are ever alike!


Timber-framing features in the Jacky Winter headquarters. Photographed by Tatanja Ross.

Tell us about this project; what was the brief and how did you incorporate these requirements into the design?

While the Jacky Winter Offices and Jacky Winter Gardens were two very different projects, they both served similar functions, even though one was commercial and the other residential. For the office, it was all about transforming a multi-level space to the offices of our dreams that ranged from a public interface on the ground floor (the gallery) to a more mixed-use space in the middle (our meeting rooms, production rooms, and overnight room) to a top-floor private space (kitchen, recording room, and workspaces). Our partners at Nest Architects were able to sit down with our entire team and make it a truly collaborative experience where they were able to draw out our actual needs and aspirations and give us a building that responded to all those things in truly remarkable ways.

With Jacky Winter Gardens, it was all about giving our artists and agency a physical space for their work to manifest and present itself outside of the screen, as well as enable us to give back to the local creative community by donating the space once a month through our artist in residency program. Working in tandem with Hearth Studio, we were able to really create a blank canvas for our artists to shine and for our guests to enjoy the amazing tranquility of the Dandenong Ranges.


Photographed by Tatjana Ross.

Tell us about the renovation/fit out. What look and feel were you going for, and what values guided you throughout the process?

For the office, we really put ourselves in the hands of Nest. One of the things we really value in our own work, is our clients who trust us and our artists to do the thing they do best, and not interfere too much. At the same time, there was a long process of research and discussion which enabled us to reach a common ground of understanding so that Nest understood our overall aesthetic, which is generally quite playful but still professional. This is one of the main reasons we selected them to work with us as well in terms of their incredible respect and creativity around natural materials, while also taking all our needs into account for things like maximizing natural light and breakout spaces to fit with our workflow. Every design decision in the fitout was a deliberate decision that was a response to something in the brief.

The use of cork for example – Apart from looking great, it’s also a very effective acoustic absorber, and also lets us pin up all the artwork that comes through our door. Its also not that expensive! It ticks many boxes!

Jacky Winter Gardens was a similar response, however it was more a response to the environment. The house is quite unique in that it backs onto a very special body of water, Clematis Creek. You enter the property from quite an elevated area and walk down, and the house itself has three sections that you progressively go down into, so Sarah from Hearth used this as a springboard to apply this datum line with the paint where it felt like you were slowly descending into the water. From there, it was more of a question of ‘How can we really showcase this artist in a unique way?’

From our Marc Martin Wallpaper, to the Will Lynes Front Door, or Benja Harney’s paper light fittings, there are over 20 pieces there where our artists were able to make some amazing contributions which eventually made up the overall hosueaesthetic!

Photographed by Sean Fennesey.

When you select furniture pieces for each project, what values do you prioritise in your selection?

With the office, we had the luxury of starting from scratch, and making quite a bit custom joinery. This was one of my favourite parts, as Nest has a real amazing knack for joinery packages, and it really shows here. When working this way, you can really tick off all the boxes of form and function and get exactly what you are looking for in terms of creating pieces that are truly responsive to the space and brief.

For many of the pieces we made it was important that they served additional uses so we were maximising our space – Our boardroom table for example is a shuffleboard table – our production room cutting surface is a second meeting table.

View Dove Table
View Storyteller’s Chair


NOMI II’s tailoring features, allowing you to customise and create your piece to suit you unique space. Above showing the Dulux Range Picker feature – allowing you to choose from over 2,500 colour options.


The playful exterior of the Jack Winter Gallery located in Collingwood. Photographed by Tatjana Ross.

Why did you select NOMI pieces in this project?

Original Australian design is a cornerstone of our business, so it was important that our space reflected it. One of the hardest things buying furniture is that it can be such an elusive process. Big fancy shops that don’t tell you how much things cost and can takes months if not longer to get in. We found it super refreshing that we could get some beautifully crafted pieces designed in Australia which were solidly and thoughtfully made, yet still able to be customised, and find out accurate information about pricing and lead times, while still offering an impressive level of customisation, and do it all online. When working on a very fast-moving fitout project with little time or money to spare, this was a lifesaver!


Photographed bySean Fennesey.

How did you tailor your NOMI pieces to your space? How did the tailoring process enhance the product in the space? (For example, functionally, aesthetically, durability)

Our breakout room is also a VR room and Bedroom, so it was important to have lots of furniture that folded into the wall. Finding a decent folding chair was no small feat, so we were relieved when we saw NOMI’s offering here. In addition we were able to stain it a fantastic blue which happened to match the rest of our space – so it was a really fantastic coincidence.


Photographed by Tatjana Ross.

What inspires you in your practice?

I try to keep a very broad set of interests, but I find that I am most inspired by anything that takes a very long time to do! In the current climate of instant gratification, it’s quite uplifting when I see people and businesses take a long-term approach to their practice, regardless of what the outcome is. It inspires me to take a similar approach to what we do here – even if we aren’t producing a physical object, the general idea of being able to craft and perfect the service we provide over many more decades is something that I greatly look forward to.


Photographed by Sean Fennesey.

View Dove Table
View Storyteller’s Chair


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