Nomi’s Cable Management Offering


Nomi offers a standard power and data solution. The solution can be used on the following Nomi products;

  • Gathering Table
  • Slot Workstation

Access to power and data

The Standard Nomi offering has a trough that is accessed via a magnetized lid. This lid matches the material and finish of your selected table

Cable access

The Gathering Table

The pedestal base gives cables access from a ‘hatch’ at the base or you can place the base over a floor box. We recommend that the floor box should be no larger than the following for your corresponding base size:

  • 450 di base 135mm x 135mm
  • 800 di base 240mm x 240mm

The Slot Workstation 

Access for the Slot Workstation is found at the end of the table and in cable gromets under the trough.


Nomi’s Power and Data offering provides an integrated solution that complements the Slot and Gathering ranges. It is designed to be fitted with power, data and AV modules, offering flexibility in configurations.

This includes;

  • Starter Cable
  • Interconnecting Cable (for orders with more than a single power box)
  • Power and data options

For each box the user can select; 2 x power and 4 x data

4 x power

2 x power and 4 x data


  • There is enough space to place 2 boxes side by side in a single opening
  • Data is a cutout and needs to be terminated by an electrician.
  • Nomi does not provide installation services. These need to be performed by an on-site electrician.
  • Nomi quotes/tables do not include power and data as standard, this needs to be specified at the time of quoting / purchase to be included.
Nomi’s Cable Management Offering
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