Time Bench

A timeless everyday bench, for any time, all the time. Distinguished by a refined modesty, the timber frame and legs are crafted to slender profiles. Finely engineered connections allow the bench to be shipped flat packed. The legs and rails come in solid oak or grandis, with a variety of colour finishes.


4-6.Time Bench. Detail

Design Agility

Work, Home, Life. NOMI furniture is designed to compliment the agile nature of our modern lives.
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4-1.Time Bench. Solo

Designed by Tomek Archer

Tomek Archer is an Australian architect whose projects prioritise human interaction. Tomek sees his furniture designs as props within a larger architectural system. The products are systematically designed to be flexible and adaptable which helps to ensure longevity.

Time Bench
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Sustainably Sourced Timber

At NOMI, we acknowledge that we only have one planet and it's our responsibility to make, package and deliver our products with the environment in mind. All of our production is exercised through responsible, best practice manufacturing, using only sustainably harvested timber.
4-6.Time Bench. Detail
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