Dove Desk

A versatile and modular table featuring a dovetail-shaped beam that runs underneath the length of the top. The thoughtful design allows the legs to be positioned in a variety of locations as required. This functionality makes the Dove Desk equally suitable as a stand-alone table or set up in series to create longer tables or workstations. Originally conceived as a work bench, the Dove Desk is suitable in domestic, office and hospitality environments for its clean lines, solid frame, flexible arrangements and durable finishes. The top, legs and beam come in a variety of materials with options for different colour finishes.


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A Celebration of Artisanship

NOMI is a celebration of artisanship and innovation, in the home, workplace and other spaces where people gather.
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Designed by Tomek Archer

Tomek Archer is an Australian architect whose projects prioritise social interaction. Tomek sees his furniture designs as props within a larger architectural system. The products are designed to be flexible and adaptable to suit a variety of spaces and applications, and are crafted from solid, durable materials.

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Sustainably Sourced Timber

At NOMI, we acknowledge that we only have one planet and it's our responsibility to make, package and deliver our products with the environment in mind. All of our production is exercised through responsible, best practice manufacturing, using only sustainably harvested timber.
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