Edge Chair

Designed by Berlin-based Industrial Designer Stephanie Jasny, the Edge Chair is designed to compliment the agile nature of our modern lives. It can can easily transition between the multiple settings, including at home, in the workplace or in hospitality environments. Different colourways between the frame, seat and back can aid in transforming this piece for your individual project.


1-6. Time Table 2100. Detail

Original Design

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9-4. Edge Chair. Detail
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Designed by Stephanie Jasny

Stephanie Jasny is a Berlin-based Industrial Designer focusing on furniture and lighting. Since 2009 she has taught design at the University of the Arts in Berlin. One of her product designs, Cordula has been selected for exhibition by the permanent collection at the International Design Museum in Munich.

Edge Chair scheme
10-3. Edge Chair Upholstered. Scattered

Efficient Shipping

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10-4. Edge Chair Upholstered. Detail
1-4. Time Table 2100. Chairs&Objects