Jasny Cafe Stool

The Jasny Cafe Stool is ideal for multiple surroundings, including workspaces, hospitality environments and as statement pieces for residential homes. Designed with comfort front of mind, the stools are solid and inviting, encouraging you to stay, sit and feel at ease for a while. The Jasny Cafe Stool is made using FSC certified timber and can be upholstered to compliment your project.


9-4.Jasny Stool 450&650H. Scattered

Original Design

We work with designers to foster a culture of creativity and offer them an outlet for their ideas.
7-4.Jasny Stool 450H. Detail- 470
9-3.Jasny Stool 450&650H. Lineup

Designed by Stephanie Jasny

Stephanie Jasny is a Berlin-based Industrial Designer focusing on furniture and lighting. Since 2009 she has taught design at the University of the Arts in Berlin. One of her product designs, Cordula has been selected for exhibition by the permanent collection at the International Design Museum in Munich.

39.1 – Jasny Stool scheme
7-3.Jasny Stool 450H. Scattered
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Efficient Shipping

All NOMI products nest, stack or knock down for efficient shipping.
7-1.Jasny Stool 450H. Solo- 470
9-4.Jasny Stool 450&650H. Scattered