Shuttle Stool

Shuttle is a series of stacking stools in various heights constructed from a handful of formed wire parts with common soft-edged geometries. The radial corners of every element deliver a softness both visually and to touch. At the junction where elements come together to meet the seat, these radial details create soft open corners.


5-6.Shuttle Stool.Detail

Design Agility

Work, Home, Life. NOMI furniture is designed to compliment the agile nature of our modern lives.
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Designed by Tomek Archer

Tomek Archer is an Australian architect whose projects prioritise social interaction. Tomek sees his furniture designs as props within a larger architectural system. The products are designed to be flexible and adaptable to suit a variety of spaces and applications, and are crafted from solid, durable materials.

Shuttle Stool scheme
7-5.Shuttle Stool 450H.Scattered

Efficient Shipping

All NOMI products nest, stack or knock down for efficient shipping.
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