Woodstack Chair Upholstered

This simple, elegant chair is made from solid oak and displays a finely carved backrest providing a comfortable ergonomic profile. The geometry of the backrest meets calmly with the back legs, leaving a subtle W shaped ridge to the back of each chair. Finely engineered connections allow the Woodstack chair to stack when assembled for efficient storage.


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Material Honesty

Our products are and are crafted from solid, durable materials that allow them to adapt to a variety of spaces and applications.
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Designed by Tomek Archer

Tomek Archer is an Australian architect whose projects prioritise social interaction. Tomek sees his furniture designs as props within a larger architectural system. The products are designed to be flexible and adaptable to suit a variety of spaces and applications, and are crafted from solid, durable materials.

Woodstack Chair Upholstered scheme
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Efficient Shipping

All NOMI products nest, stack or knock down for efficient shipping.
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3-5.Woodstack Upholstered.Scattered