CSR & Sustainability


The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to communicate NOMI’s approach to supply chain management and to highlight the importance that we place on Corporate Social Responsibility.  

NOMI, its staff, and its directors are committed to the highest ethical, environmental, safety, and quality standards.

NOMI, together with our suppliers, promotes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) conscious procurement activities such as the protection of the global environment; compliance with laws and regulations; respect for human rights, labour, health and safety; safe and quality of products and services; and promotion of information security, fair trade and corporate ethics based on internationally recognized standards such as the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact.

NOMI’s standards, in regards to our CSR, is also applicable to all our suppliers of goods and services as it concerns their responsibilities towards stakeholders and the environment.

NOMI conducts business in a manner that is consistent with these principles and requires the same level of compliance and behaviour from all suppliers subject to the applicable laws, rules, and regulations of the countries where the business is carried out.

We look forward to working with you in an ethical, positive fashion that places emphasis on protecting the environment and the communities that we operate in.


NOMI has established the following principles for compliance by our suppliers.  

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Commitment to NOMI Supplier Code of Conduct for CSR and Principles

As a supplier to NOMI, companies that we work with have read the NOMI Supplier Code of Conduct for Corporate Social Responsibility Principles (“Principles”) and confirm its business activities are conducted in accordance with the Principles set out above and it will continue to comply with these Principles.

The Company will provide NOMI upon request with a written self-assessment of compliance with the Principles, as required by NOMI from time to time, within a reasonable time after receiving such a request.

In the event that NOMI has reasonable grounds for believing that the Company is in breach of the NOMI Supplier Code of Conduct for CSR or Principles, the Company agrees that NOMI may conduct a check on its compliance with the NOMI Supplier Code of Conduct for CSR or the Principles, for the purpose of verifying our compliance. We shall provide all reasonable assistance.

We confirm that we will seek from our suppliers and their suppliers to meet the Principles and requirements of this NOMI Supplier Code of Conduct for CSR. We confirm that we will forward a copy of the NOMI Supplier Code of Conduct for CSR and the Principles to our suppliers. We will obtain an agreement to comply with its Principles, from any of our suppliers, and where applicable their suppliers, who are performing services for or working on behalf of NOMI.

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