What are the planter options with KURA

When selecting how to plant your KURA units there are 2 options;

  • Galvanised tray

The galvanized tray is totally waterproof and either houses pots or has soil added and is directly planted into. If it’s planted then you will need to remove and drain the water from time to time to maintain the health of the soil and plants.

  • Pots with drip trays

The most cost-effective option is a plastic drip tray with pot skin – see images below. For a planter that is 1200mm wide, we’d recommend 4 pots and 2 trays.

You’ll then be able to place your pots directly into the ‘pot skins’.

These pots and trays are available at Bunnings or online.

There are also alternative solutions such as the below;

These are available from Mr Kitly

What are the planter options with KURA
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