Pairing seating with the right table height

NOMI Education series is a collection of informative articles written by an interior designer to help guide you through all the everyday FAQs of specifying furniture.

How high should my stools be for my bench? This is a question that we get a lot so we have decided to answer it once and for all.

This article will share a few basic principles and tips to help streamline your specification process when it comes to pairing the ideal seat height and style to your table setting. 

The height of a setting will be determined by its function. Whether it be dining, working or leisure, the appropriate seat height to accompany the task is crucial to the success of the setting. 

High tables are becoming more and more popular for dining, breakout and working. It is important to note the variances between different high tables or bars based on their desired function. A residential kitchen bench ranges from 900 – 950mm high and the ideal stool height for this is 650mm high.

900 – 950mm high table requires a 650mm high stool

Alternatively, a commercial bar tends to be higher with a bench height between 1000 – 1100mm, requiring a barstool height of 750mm.


1000 – 1100mm high table requires a 750mm high stool

A table for dining is recommended to be between 730 – 750mm high. A table intended as a workstation is slightly lower and can sit between 700 – 720mm. The suitable seat height to accommodate enough space for legs is 450mm high. For ergonomic purposes, this is the minimum seat height that should be specified for a setting that is intended to be used for an extended length of time. Anything lower generally fits into the lounge chair category.

In summary we recommend the following;  

  • 730 to 750mm = 450mm seat height
  • 900 to 950mm = 650mm seat height 
  • 1000 – 1100mm = 750mm seat height
Pairing seating with the right table height
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