Kura Highboard

The highboards are suitable for larger storage solutions, furnishing sensible utility for your home as a bookcase, or for versatile workspaces as a stylish repository for personal and professional items. Choose from the standard sizes or configure your own by selecting ‘custom’.

Oak Veneer
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Meet Kura

Named after a traditional Japanese storehouse, Kura is a modern reimagination of the quintessential storage unit. Its adaptable, classic design and multifunctional appeal integrates seamlessly into a wide mix of spaces—be it residential, commercial or hospitality environments.
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Kura Highboard 1e

Highly Configurable, Multi-Use Storage Solutions

NOMI’s technological advancement gives consumers the ability to customise 3D parametric models and create a storage piece that best suits their space and needs.


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Handcrafted by Local Artisans

Handcrafted by local artisans using materials such as oak veneer or decorative laminates, Kura’s highly configurable design allows for multi-use versatility with endless possible combinations, while maintaining a subtle simplicity.
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Kura Highboard 3c
Kura Highboard

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1000W x 450D x 1500H, 1500W x 450D x 1500H, 2000W x 450D x 1500H


Oak Veneer


Black Wash, Brown Wash, Clear Wash, White Wash

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