Time Table featured in the Alexandria House 2


The Alexandria House, by Pivot Studio, reimagines a heritage-listed terrace in Sydney’s inner west for the outdoor sensibilities of the modern day. While the front façade retains the house’s historic personality, the interior unveils a decidedly modern space that honours the warm relax of the Australian outdoors.

NOMI’s Time Table sits proudly as the feature element within the living/dining room, custom designed to sit perfectly within the parameters of the space. NOMI appreciate that for the choreography of a space to work, all elements must be in balance. Their 3D visualisation technology brings the piece to life online, and allows for the length and height to be shifted in real time to realise the ideal piece table, adjusted to its use and space.

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time-table-2A unique and limited space, tailoring the Time Table was crucial for Pivot Studio’s clients

The limited size of the terrace required furniture that is free from unnecessary embellishment, sturdy and – above all else – functional. The honest timber frame and slender legs, constructed in solid American Oak, exaggerate the appreciation of height and space. While the warm honey tones and rich natural grain of the timber visually merges the interior into the back courtyard and decking.

NOMI’s Time Table is the perfect compliment to suit the confined, inner city block of Pivot’s Alexandria House. Custom designed to suit its environment; the Time Table celebrates the beauty of its material in a highly rendered design to amplify the house’s connection to the exterior world.

Tailor Your Time Table.

time-table-3The warm tones of the American Oak Time Table was crucial for Pivot Studio’s clients

time-table-4Minimal cabinetry to match the tailored Time Table designed by Tomek Archer

time-table-5Alexandria House 2 by Pivot Studio

All photographs by Justin Alexander.


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