Woodstack Chair featured in House Collins


Based in Surry Hills, Tribe Studio Architects combines artful and modest design filled with vibrant expression.

With several residential projects in their body of work, Tribe Studio thrives with an ambition to uplift the Australian suburban landscape. In their recent project, House Collins, the studio was commissioned to renovate a weatherboard cottage under two-hundred square metres in Sydney’s inner west.




Tribe Studio Architects applied their signature pragmatic and poetic approach to building a comfortable, contemporary home. Inside this minimalist residence is a double-storey void which envelops the open space with abundant, natural light. Responding to the sensibilities of materiality and tone, House Collins also features a new living room that extends into the rear garden to welcome quiet luxury.




With a focus on practicality without compromising comfort, they featured NOMI’s Woodstack Chair to echo the warm, timber accents throughout the house. Designed by Tomek Archer, this solid oak chair is detailed with clean, simple lines that blend with its understated surroundings.

View NOMI’s Woodstack Chair




Notably in the work of Tribe Studio Architects is a genuine vision to improve the quality of life for their clients. With considered interiors complemented by tailored pieces of NOMI furniture, House Collins is another example of their continuing mission to elevate the Australian landscape.

Made for each other — Tailored by you.


Photography by Katherine Lu.

Tailor Your Woodstack Chair


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