Paramount Recreation Club


Rooftop fitness, food and drinks

Located just at the edge of the city on the rooftop of Paramount House in Surry Hills, Paramount Recreation Club has been designed as a modern rooftop retreat.

Led by multi-disciplinary designer Bob Barton, in collaboration with architects Herbert & Mason, the space brings outside and inside, building and sky together, to create layers of shade, breeze, recreation and escapism.


The project has used NOMI’s Storyteller’s chair as a flexible seating solution for events held on the the rooftop. The Storyteller’s Chair is a robust folding chair crafted from solid American Oak. The chair features a quirky wiggle in the frame to optimise comfort and efficient storing when folded.


This stunning rooftop optimises the term ‘mixed use’ with a wide variety of activities being offered including massages, meetings, meditation, personal training and private fitness classes.


The Stortyeller’s chairs are used for events, workshops, panel discussions, dinners, meditation classes and other private functions. One of the key requirements was storage capacity of the chair. NOMI worked with the Paramount team to develop a custom trolley solution that allows all 100 of the chairs to be stored away when they are not in use.

This isn’t your standard rooftop, it is a space to escape normality, and bring back ‘recreation’ – the perfect blend of activity and leisure.

Customise your Storyteller’s Chair here and visit Paramount Recreation Club here

Storyteller’s Chair designed by Tomek Archer
Design Director – Bob Barton
Architect – Herbert & Mason
Photography – Terence Chin


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