Cable Management Options for the Gathering Table

NOMI’s proprietary technology allows consumers the ease of integrating cable management to the Gathering Table.

Our online configurator provides the freedom to further customise your own designs and create a table that best fits your needs. Consumers can easily choose the cutout location, type, size, and lid, with an option to select the lid finish and the CMS lid colour.

Depending on the table size, you can select to add cutouts in the left or right end, or both, and have the choice to include a CMS Executive Box. The lid colours range from brown wash, clear wash, grey wash, white wash, and painted black.

For flexibility to organise your own General Purpose Operating System (GPOS) and data options, consumers can go for the cutout with lid option. Meanwhile, the cutout with CMS Executive Box and lid option provides easy access from both sides and adopts a fully customisable CMS box.

This feature is another step towards our overall objective to connect architects and interior designers with original designs that can be configured online.


Cable Management Options for the Gathering Table
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