Kura: A fusion of timeless design and versatility

Meet Kura—a range of highly configurable, multi-use storage solutions, ideal for home, work, and play.

Named after a traditional Japanese storehouse, Kura is a modern reimagination of the quintessential storage unit.

NOMI’s technological advancement gives consumers the ability to customise their own parametric designs online and create a storage piece that best suits their space and needs.

The endless system allows you to build different configurations, broken down into lowboards, sideboards, midboards, highboards and extra highboards. Each configuration is designed to complement and serve diverse spaces, synthesizing form and function.


A fitting element for the living room or meeting space, the lowboard provides sleek storage for your electronic devices and a display stand for your television screen. 


The sideboard works well as a multi-purpose cabinet for commercial projects, or as a statement piece in the living areas.


Aside from injecting practical storage space, the midboard is an ideal choice for organising open plan interiors and creating harmonious breakout areas, especially with the option to include planters.


The highboards are suitable for larger storage solutions, furnishing sensible utility for your home as a bookcase, or for versatile workspaces as a stylish repository for personal and professional items.

Configure your very own Kura unit now. 

Kura: A fusion of timeless design and versatility
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