Dove Table & Woodstack Chair – noOk urban fresh bar

Dove Table & Woodstack Chair at noOk urban fresh bar

To furnish such a space that was simultaneously functional, comfortable and with such a particular design aesthetic, `noOk owner, Jamie Shin turned to NOMI.

The vision we had for `noOk was one that was simple, yet elegant. We felt that NOMI furniture was perfect for the look we were trying to achieve… Our lobby space is a huge bright modern area and we needed to make sure our design was kept with that of the building

Having such flexibility in regards to what was typically restrained really allowed for `noOk to fully realise the dreams of its owner and its spatial potential as the haven of the city.

  • Photography by Nikki To
  • Dove Table designed by Tomek Archer

Sydney’s `noOk urban fresh bar is a gateway to refreshment in the middle of an otherwise concrete-laden city. Showcasing some of the best coffee roasters and local fresh produce, busy professionals flit in and out of this oasis to refuel and recharge. But it’s not only the sustenance from the moreish edibles that keep the city coming back: the clarity of space and the effect of this organic-meets-urban space on the chaotic work mind is nothing short of addictive.

And so, Shin went with the Dove Table, designed by Tomek Archer for NOMI. The Dove Table is a versatile piece with stability and sturdiness at its core, meaning it is able to be transformed into an endless number of situations where durability is key. Moreover, the variety of washes facilitates its adaptation into a limitless number of spaces. However, what was truly special about the NOMI/`noOk collaboration was the ability to customise the table to the site specific dimension requirement: `noOk is an entire space filled with tables and benches of varying sizes.

“NOMI was extremely flexible and certainly any issues I had about dimensions, NOMI were more than accommodating… the colour and craftsmanship put into every table was spectacular and we were very impressed”

Dove Table & Woodstack Chair – noOk urban fresh bar
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