The Jasny Range

Introducing the Jasny Range

Designed by Berlin-based Industrial Designer Stephanie Jasny, The Jasny Range is a collection of timber seating and includes stools, an armchair, a side chair and bar stools.

Jasny chairs are ideal for multiple surroundings, in workspaces, hospitality environments and as statement pieces for residential homes. Designed with comfort front of mind, chairs are solid and inviting, encouraging you to sit, stay and feel at ease for a while.

We sat down with Stephanie to learn more about her design process.

The Jasny Range
The Jasny Range
The Jasny Range chair
The Jasny Range

What can you share with us about your design approach?

Personally, I think each contribution a designer brings to a new object is inspired by the work done before by others and will hopefully influence following designs. So a new piece of furniture I design is always a temporary, current perspective and maybe only unique because its my personal perspective or interpretation.

Can you share with us the inspiration behind the design of this chair?

I wanted to create a solid chair that is modest but also inviting enough for people to sit, stay and feel comfortable for a while. It was important for me that the design felt unpretentious had had an emphasis on the manufacturing details.

Most importantly, the collection of chairs; such as barstools and armchairs, etc. should be able to be integrated in multiple surroundings; it should occupy different situations, from working environments like co-working spaces to restaurants, but also the chairs could be comfortably found in residential homes.

Can you tell us more about the range

The collection is designed to be flexible and agile, with the ability to use the different pieces in the range throughout different areas of a project.

Browse the the Jasny Range Below and discover the products here

The Jasny Range
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