Woodstack Chair – Hotham Project by Carole Whiting

Central to the project is NOMI’s Woodstack Chair. Engineered with a gentle carved backrest, the refined details offer a quiet character that gracefully intertwines into it’s surroundings.

“The chair had the right level of simplicity for the project,” says Carole Whiting. “I needed something to sit gently on the landscape.” 

The Hotham project required furniture that lifted the space through quality materials rather than unnecessary embellishment. NOMI’s emphasis on considered details and subtle artistic silhouettes made the Woodstack Chair the ideal accent for Whiting’s minimal interior.

  • Designed by Carole Whiting
  • Photography by Sharyn Cairns
  • Woodstack Chair designed by Tomek Archer

NOMI sat down with Carole Whiting to discuss her recent Hotham Project with Whiting Architects and the integration of a tailored NOMI Woodstack Chair to perfectly suit the refined, minimal interior.

A sense of calm centres all of Carole Whiting’s & Whiting Architects designs. The Melbourne-based studios ground beauty first and fore mostly in functionality, showing off the elegance of spaces that are designed to ease everyday living.

Whiting’s Hotham project is a residential apartment for a mature couple. The space is an expression of refinement, offering great storage within a visually open, ordered and airy interior. The restricted budget made it paramount for the design to  gravitate around a soothing, timber-heavy palette and few precision quality pieces.

Woodstack Chair – Hotham Project by Carole Whiting
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