Fujitsu Melbourne’s Headquarters – Billard Leece Partnership

Designed by Billard Leece Partnership, Fujitsu Melbourne’s headquarters is a tasteful and harmonious blend of Japanese heritage and local Melbourne flavour. Recognizing Fujitsu’s core values of respect for the environment, embodiment of authenticity, and leadership in innovation, the design team handpicked a selection of timeless, sustainable, and technology-driven pieces to the space. One of the [...]

Kura: A fusion of timeless design and versatility

Meet Kura—a range of highly configurable, multi-use storage solutions, ideal for home, work, and play. Named after a traditional Japanese storehouse, Kura is a modern reimagination of the quintessential storage unit. NOMI’s technological advancement gives consumers the ability to customise their own parametric designs online and create a storage piece that best suits their space [...]

Introducing Kura

Named after a traditional Japanese storehouse, Kura is a modern reimagination of the quintessential storage unit. Following NOMI’s founding philosophy of blending craftsmanship and design with modern technology, the Sydney-based brand is excited to launch its newest range of timeless, robust, and configurable storage solutions for home, work, and play. NOMI’s technological advancement gives consumers [...]

A look at the newly-transformed Australian Museum – Neeson Murcutt + Neille

After 15 months of significant transformation, Australia’s oldest museum and Sydney’s heritage landmark, the Australian Museum, has reopened its doors to the public last November 2020. The first phase of renovation – dubbed as Project Discover – was driven by the design thinking of COX Architecture and Neeson Murcutt + Neille, the firm behind the [...]

DesignFARM Perth

DesignFARM is a family-run furniture business based in the heart of Perth. Owned by father and son - Rodney and Jamie Washer – the business is built around a love of contemporary design that is ethical, innovative and sustainable. While they sell brands from around the world, they are particularly interested in representing Australian furniture [...]

Introducing Edoardo Arricale

Introducing Edoardo Arricale, the English-Italian Designer behind the Gathering Table. Edoardo Arricale is an English-Italian designer behind the Gathering Table. A self-described hands-on designer, you might find him at the factory tweaking the scale or proportions of one of his prototypes, “until it feels right”. Currently based in Singapore, Arricale has a wide range of [...]
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