Easily Add Cable Management to Tables on NOMI

We’re excited to launch a new feature that allows you to easily integrate cable management when configuring workspace tables to meet your individual project requirements.

Traditionally, creating bespoke furniture was a resource-intensive and time-consuming process involving extensive back and forth. However, we’ve been working to streamline this process with the development of our online configurator.

Recently, as commercial spaces are being designed with a more residential aesthetic, we are seeing more and more of our tables specified in workplace projects. This feature will take a manual process online to further speed up the design process.

Designers can easily select where to add cable management and choose the type of power and data required. Currently, this new feature is only available with the Dove and Time range, but we plan to expand it to other table ranges and new offerings in the coming months. This new feature is another step towards our overall objective to connect architects and interior designers with original designs that can be configured online. 

Head to the NOMI website to visit the configurator and experience this new functionality.

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