Introducing Edoardo Arricale

Introducing Edoardo Arricale, the English-Italian Designer behind the Gathering Table.

Edoardo Arricale is an English-Italian designer behind the Gathering Table. A self-described hands-on designer, you might find him at the factory tweaking the scale or proportions of one of his prototypes, “until it feels right”. Currently based in Singapore, Arricale has a wide range of experience that includes a background in both hospitality business management and interior design.

He’s worked for multiple design firms and recently was the FF&E director for WeWork. He also designs beautiful furnituresimple, ergonomic pieces that play with scale and volume; and that are timeless. Recently, he started his most important role to dateas a new dad—and after eight years in the multicultural, tropical city-state, Arricale is on the verge of returning to his hometown of London. Recently, we sat down with this multi-talented designer and he gave us a little glimpse into his world.

What is your vision for the products? 

I want businesses and homes to use the Gathering Collection to foster human connections.  I’m a massive believer in human interaction and feel that furniture is the perfect tool to create stronger societal and family bonds.

Can you share any insight into the manufacturing processes? 

As I mentioned, I’m a lover of scale and volume. The Gathering Table is a pedestal and safety is always a concern, so we created iron-moulded removable weights to ensure the table’s stability and minimizes any potential damage during shipping. Everything is knock-down, so we can ship more efficiently and do our part to reduce the product’s carbon footprint. We used a 4% sheen on the timber to ensure that it has a robust finish yet still allowed infrared mouses to work well on the surface. Overall, the quality is second to none. I have designed two collections for NOMI that I regard as heirloom collections. They will withstand the test of time and are pieces that can be passed down to future generations.

When did you know that you wanted to go into design? 

I was running a Michelin Star restaurant in London and fell in love with the interiors, so I signed up to take a design degree part-time in the evenings—and I never looked back! At the time, I thought to myself, “One day, I want to own a restaurant and design the interior”. That was over a decade ago and I feel I’m getting closer to that dream.

Who/What are you most inspired by?

Mario Bellini, Carlo Scarpa and Roberto lazzeroni are my favourite designers and they continue to inspire me on a daily basis. I’m greatly inspired by Japanese traditional joinery methods. I also find urban landscapes and local architecture in my surroundings a source of great inspiration.


What inspired the Gathering Table?

The Gathering Table was inspired by the monolithic forms of the Raffles Hotelcurrently, my balcony looks out on it. I wanted to create a table that would ship well, was easy to put together, and celebrated volume and scale. It needed to be functional but not obvious in its approach. I love the film “HER” and how technology is everywhere, but nowhere. All the amazing things about this table’s functionalitylike the built-in cable management trench and the removable weightsare concealed, leaving only well-proportioned shapes interacting with each other.

Where did you study design?

KLC school of design in Fulham, London.


What are you doing in Singapore? 

I’ve lived in Singapore for eight years and while I’ve been here, I’ve worked for some of the best global architecture firms. Then, I was approached by WeWork, and I just wrapped up a stint as their FF&E Director for Pacific, China, Japan, and India and now, I am looking forward to pursuing my dream of creating my own furniture consultancy/design firm in London, my hometown.


Tell me about your design philosophy.

Simple, honest shapes and volumes, built with manufacturing, scalability, and sustainability in mind.

What will you miss the most about Singapore? 

Singapore is a hot pot of cultures, languages, and architecture. It’s been a very inspiring place to live. And who knows? We might come back in a few years. I will miss the food, the blend of cultures, and the fact that Singapore, for me, was a gateway to Asia. But, we are moving back primarily to raise our newborn son. I have a huge family and my wife and I are both very keen for him to grow up in abundant love and support. I’m also very excited to continue my design journey in London, there is a very real design scene there that I can’t wait to be a part of.

Introducing Edoardo Arricale
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