Introducing Slot

For the Modern

Built to deliver an elevated experience for work and life, Slot is handcrafted in American Oak. Its residential aesthetic allows you to bring natural timber into your workspace. As ‘work’ transforms, Slot embraces this change and its flexible design allows users to configure for both the home or office.

Designed by English-Italian designer Edoardo Arricale, Slot is created to nurture productivity and spark creativity through its use of natural materials and classic design. The notable slots in the base connect seamlessly with the tabletop, giving the product its name.

The workspace possibilities are endless with Slot. Create a single-sided desk, or a double-sided workstation in either sitting or standing heights. Easily add cable management as required.

Bring timber back into the workplace. Handcrafted by artisans, Slot makes use of large scale, monolithic shapes that represent form and presence. Solid edges have been integrated to protect from day-to-day use and the online configurator allows you to select from eight different finishes to suit your space.

Slot complements the agile nature of modern work-life and allows you to bring natural timber into your workspace.

Slotwhere inspiration happens.

Introducing Slot
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