Woodstack Chair – Abbotsford House by Therefore Studio

With a focus on practicality without compromising the projects modern aesthetic, Therefore Studio featured NOMI’s Woodstack Chair to echo the warm, timber accents throughout the house. Designed by Tomek Archer, this solid oak chair is detailed with clean, simple lines that blend with its understated surroundings.

The traditional exterior of the existing home combines beautifully with the contemporary extension that now dominates the rear of the land. The extension contains ingenious storage solutions, a communal dining area, modern kitchen and a large window seat that allows the occupants to soak up the afternoon sun in style.

  • Design by Therefore Studio
  • Photography by Rory Gardiner
  • Interior styling by Emma Archer
  • Woodstack Chair designed by Tomek Archer

Located in the inner-city suburbs of Melbourne, the Abbotsford House by architecture and interior design practice Therefore Studio combines modern and minimal design filled with warm timber elements.

A secret architectural gem hidden behind a traditional Victorian exterior, the beautiful interior setting of the Abbotsford House ensures that this home has been transformed into a modern space.

The darker colour scheme of the rooms clashes wonderfully with the bright atmosphere created by an abundance of natural light shining through the large windows and skylights.

Woodstack Chair – Abbotsford House by Therefore Studio
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