Meet the Kura TV Unit

Say hello to the Kura TV Unit Following the success of our best-selling Kura storage range, NOMI brings out fresh perspectives to modern storage through our latest Kura TV Unit — a premium, customisable media unit that allows you to seamlessly integrate your electronics and elevate your entertainment experience. With NOMI’s technological advancement, the Kura [...]

Introducing Slot

For the Modern Workspace Built to deliver an elevated experience for work and life, Slot is handcrafted in American Oak. Its residential aesthetic allows you to bring natural timber into your workspace. As ‘work’ transforms, Slot embraces this change and its flexible design allows users to configure for both the home or office. Designed by [...]

Selecting the Perfect Size for Your Setting

Introducing NOMI Education Series, a collection of informative interior design articles to help guide you through all the everyday FAQs of specifying furniture. This month’s article will share a few basic principles and tips to help streamline your specification process when it comes to selecting the perfect setting size for your design. Once you have [...]

Manunda Place, Darwin – Sissons Architects

Designed by Sydney based architects Sissons, Manunda Place is Darwin CBD’s newest commercial precinct. Nestled in the heart of Darwin CBD, Manunda Place is a nine-storey mixed use tower, thoughtfully designed with a striking entry lobby, a roof terrace with panoramic views of the Darwin Town Centre and Darwin Harbour, and a cozy lobby café [...]

Trends in Workplace Design with Brian Wilson of Two

NOMI is excited to partner with Two, a San Francisco-based design firm, marking the company’s entrance into the US market. We’ve recently fitted out Two’s space with signature pieces from NOMI and sat down with Brian Wilson, partner at Two and an award-winning industry leader, to talk about the latest trends in workplace design. Wilson [...]

Fujitsu Melbourne’s Headquarters – Billard Leece Partnership

Designed by Billard Leece Partnership, Fujitsu Melbourne’s headquarters is a tasteful and harmonious blend of Japanese heritage and local Melbourne flavour. Recognizing Fujitsu’s core values of respect for the environment, embodiment of authenticity, and leadership in innovation, the design team handpicked a selection of timeless, sustainable, and technology-driven pieces to the space. One of the [...]

Kura: A fusion of timeless design and versatility

Meet Kura—a range of highly configurable, multi-use storage solutions, ideal for home, work, and play. Named after a traditional Japanese storehouse, Kura is a modern reimagination of the quintessential storage unit. NOMI’s technological advancement gives consumers the ability to customise their own parametric designs online and create a storage piece that best suits their space [...]

Introducing Kura

Named after a traditional Japanese storehouse, Kura is a modern reimagination of the quintessential storage unit. Following NOMI’s founding philosophy of blending craftsmanship and design with modern technology, the Sydney-based brand is excited to launch its newest range of timeless, robust, and configurable storage solutions for home, work, and play. NOMI’s technological advancement gives consumers [...]

A look at the newly-transformed Australian Museum – Neeson Murcutt + Neille

After 15 months of significant transformation, Australia’s oldest museum and Sydney’s heritage landmark, the Australian Museum, has reopened its doors to the public last November 2020. The first phase of renovation – dubbed as Project Discover – was driven by the design thinking of COX Architecture and Neeson Murcutt + Neille, the firm behind the [...]

Cable Management Options for the Gathering Table

NOMI’s proprietary technology allows consumers the ease of integrating cable management to the Gathering Table. Our online configurator provides the freedom to further customise your own designs and create a table that best fits your needs. Consumers can easily choose the cutout location, type, size, and lid, with an option to select the lid finish [...]

Pairing seating with the right table height

NOMI Education series is a collection of informative articles written by an interior designer to help guide you through all the everyday FAQs of specifying furniture. How high should my stools be for my bench? This is a question that we get a lot so we have decided to answer it once and for all. [...]

DesignFARM Perth

DesignFARM is a family-run furniture business based in the heart of Perth. Owned by father and son - Rodney and Jamie Washer – the business is built around a love of contemporary design that is ethical, innovative and sustainable. While they sell brands from around the world, they are particularly interested in representing Australian furniture [...]

Introducing Edoardo Arricale

Introducing Edoardo Arricale, the English-Italian Designer behind the Gathering Table. Edoardo Arricale is an English-Italian designer behind the Gathering Table. A self-described hands-on designer, you might find him at the factory tweaking the scale or proportions of one of his prototypes, “until it feels right”. Currently based in Singapore, Arricale has a wide range of [...]

Jasny Chair – All Souls Chapel

The new interior design for All Souls Chapel has taken what was once described as a ‘clinical’ interior, and transformed it into a place of warmth, texture and subtle colour. At any time in life it is important to have access to beautiful spaces of repose and reflection. But this kind of environment is particularly [...]

Woodstack Chair – Ramen Zundo Sapporo

The Design of Ramen Zundo Sapporo is a Celebration of Contemporary and Traditional Japanese Culture. Design firm, Tom Mark Henry’s concept for Ramen Zundo Sapporo, a family-run Japanese restaurant in Chatswood Place takes its cues from the restaurant’s name. A zundo is a cylindrical pot traditionally used in the preparation of ramen, and its curved [...]

CITIZEN Melbourne Fuses Japanese Influences with an Industrial Edge

Working with a limited budget and a Japanese-influenced design brief, the firm set out to reconfigure the existing space, however, they also needed to update the public’s image of what the venue wa

The Jasny Range

Designed by Berlin-based Industrial Designer Stephanie Jasny, The Range is a limited collection of timber seating and includes stools, an armchair, a side chair and bar stools.

Jasny chairs are ideal for multiple surroundings, in workspaces, hospitality environments and as statement pieces for residential homes. Designed with comfortability front of mind, chairs are solid and inviting, encouraging you to stay, sit and feel at ease for a while.

High Dove Table – Fujitsu by BLP

BLP's design of the Fujitsu offices finely balances focused work with collaboration, thereby building an environment that helps employees connect with a culture of the company's values. Designer: Billard Leece Partnership Photography: Mark Scowen  High Dove Table: Designed by Tomek Archer One size does not fit all In the Fujitsu offices, Billard Leece Partnership ensured that the [...]

Storyteller’s Chair – Paramount Recreation Club by Bob Barton, Hebert & Mason

Led by multi-disciplinary designer Bob Barton, in collaboration with architects Herbert & Mason, the space brings outside and inside, building and sky together, to create layers of shade, breeze, recreation and escapism The project has used NOMI’s Storyteller’s chair as a flexible seating solution for events held on the the rooftop. The Storyteller’s Chair is a robust folding [...]

Woodstack Chair – Abbotsford House by Therefore Studio

With a focus on practicality without compromising the projects modern aesthetic, Therefore Studio featured NOMI’s Woodstack Chair to echo the warm, timber accents throughout the house. Designed by Tomek Archer, this solid oak chair is detailed with clean, simple lines that blend with its understated surroundings. The traditional exterior of the existing home combines beautifully [...]

Woodstack Chair – House Collins by Tribe Studio

Tribe Studio Architects applied their signature pragmatic and poetic approach to building a comfortable, contemporary home. Inside this minimalist residence is a double-storey void which envelops the open space with abundant, natural light. Responding to the sensibilities of materiality and tone, House Collins also features a new living room that extends into the rear garden [...]

Woodstack Chair – Hotham Project by Carole Whiting

Central to the project is NOMI’s Woodstack Chair. Engineered with a gentle carved backrest, the refined details offer a quiet character that gracefully intertwines into it’s surroundings. “The chair had the right level of simplicity for the project,” says Carole Whiting. “I needed something to sit gently on the landscape.”  The Hotham project required furniture that lifted the [...]

Dove Table & Woodstack Chair – noOk urban fresh bar

To furnish such a space that was simultaneously functional, comfortable and with such a particular design aesthetic, `noOk owner, Jamie Shin turned to NOMI. The vision we had for `noOk was one that was simple, yet elegant. We felt that NOMI furniture was perfect for the look we were trying to achieve… Our lobby space [...]

Dove Table – P. Johnson Tailors

NOMI’s Dove tables are just part of the style statement at the studio and showroom of P. Johnson Tailors in Paddington, Sydney. Patrick and Tamsin Johnson are a couple who take style seriously. After all, it is their business. Tamsin is an interior designer who flys off to LA once a month to work on projects; [...]

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